Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy National Egg Day–June 3rd

6-3 Egg Day

Quick recap…yesterday was National Rocky Road day. We hosted a BBQ and I was surprised at how much the kids liked the rocky road ice cream for dessert! I figured the almonds might’ve thrown them off. But they ate every last bite!

I also attempted to make rocky road oatmeal fore breakfast. Turned out quite tasty, even the hubs finished his!

Rocky Road Oatmeal

Onto today…I must admit, we’ve had 2 successful days with my son waking up excited to complete his morning routine, so I was worried he might be “let down” by egg day. He was a teeny bit close to whining, until I said the following magic words…

“Do you want to crack the eggs all by yourself?”

He perked right up and by golly if he didn’t crack 6 eggs all by himself without getting shell in the bowl! Ahhh…he’s growing up. Look at the progression of pictures while he cracked his first one:

Cracking an Egg

Success! And the bonus? All of us ate a delicious, healthy breakfast!



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