Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

In planning out my summer calendar ideas, I came across this idea here on Pinterest. Again, I was a bit concerned Cooper might not be totally excited to do this one, but…you’ve just gotta be flexible.

Thankfully, he was totally into it and completed it well! I definitely had to help, but there were MANY that he came up with all on his own. I simply wrote out all the letters in chalk (it helped that the chalk we used had a surprise toy hidden inside – thank you clearance at Target) and we got to work finding objects that started with each letter.

Check out some fun pictures from our “adventure” today…and don’t forget to read the reality check at the end. Winking smile Just keepin’ it real folks!





To help with clean up, while the kids put everything away, I drew the items in front of each letter so we could remember what we’d had there AND get closer to getting the toy in the chalk.


I was so proud of Cooper that I told the kids we’d walk down to Starbuck’s and get them a treat and mommy round 2 of coffee for the morning. We hopped in the BOB and started walking. The kids were crazy i.e. spitting, hitting, etc. And I said it, I said,

“If you spit one more time, we’re going right back home.”

I’m not sure who was more disappointed. Cooper or me.

But, I knew I had to follow through. The good news is, after 20 minutes of throwing a temper tantrum in his room, he totally turned around and even prayed at lunch that God would help him to “not do bad things”. This child melts my heart I tell ya.

Tune in tomorrow as we celebrate the first hot air balloon flight!


  1. OOoh, yeah okay. I like this. Maybe it will help my kiddo get over his displeasure with learning the alphabet. I mean really.. who stubbornly refuses to learn the alphabet?! My kid, that's who. oi

    1. Just like potty train...they'll get there. ;) Hope it helps!


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