Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trick of the Trade Tuesday–10 Uses for your Phone Alarm

Some background regarding this post…and just some fun FYI material. My maiden name was Roach (not as bad as you might think, but yes, I was excited to get married). And the Roach family, well…we weren’t the most punctual of families. Nothing horrendous, but we ran late more often than not. My brother and I would actually place bets on what my mom’s excuse would be when she was late picking us up from school. We thought it was quite humorous. So, naturally, I myself have this “running late” tendency. BUT…alas, there is hope!

My trick is to use the alarm on my phone….FOR EVERYTHING!

Phone Alarm for blog

Here are the following things I use my alarm/timer for:

1. Morning alarm(s) for wake up

2. Reminder to drop off/pick up Cooper from preschool

(okay, it’s not like I’d FORGET…but this way I have a 5 minute buffer to actually get in the car so I’m not seriously late!)

3. Reminder to take medications (for me or my kids)

4. Time outs

(1 minute/year of age. Cooper’s is seeming awfully long these days)

5. Reminder that it’s time to leave the park, or play date, etc.

(you know, when you tell your kids 5 more minutes, and a half hour later you’re finally leaving? With the timer, it’s the fun little robot voice that’s the “bad guy”. And OCCASIONALLY, they actually are excited to hear said funny little robot voice and leave happily! Gasp! Imagine that!)

6. Reminder that I myself have an appointment!

7. Timer for dinner

(‘cuz let’s face it…sometimes you’re playing outside and won’t hear the oven alarm)

8. Timer for when my husband has to stop playing video games

(hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!)

9. Motivation to see how much cleaning I can get done in 10-20 minutes. Set the timer and you’ll be surprised (or not…sometimes it’s a bust, but more often than not, I work faster when timed).

10. Reminder to start crockpot meals. It’s the worst when you have it planned, and forget to start the crockpot and that day’s crockpot use is a bust. Man, oh man, what a disappointment!


There you have it, folks. 10 more ways to utilize your phone alarm. May you be ever more on time my friends!


Becky Nicholas

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