Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Parade - Senior Home

IMG_3231 A friend of mine gathered together a group of friends and our children to do a Halloween parade through a senior home, to help brighten their day. We ended up having about 20 kids in total, but half that would’ve been just as enjoyable! She created sweet handmade cards for the kids to hand out, and one of the managers had little treat bags for the kids to hand out as well. Sorry for the blurry factor, but here’s Cooper saying hello to one of the ladies:IMG_3226 What a great way to acclimate your child to different environments, as well as teach them to love others. It warmed my heart to see Cooper walk up to multiple seniors, hand them a bag, and smile saying, “Happy Halloween!” as best as an almost 2 year old can. =) What a treat for these folks! We also had the children sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for them. Here they are doing the hand motions:IMG_3228 What a special outing with friends! Do you have a home in your area that you could brighten with a visit? Gather some of your friends and do something similar for the upcoming Christmas season. You could sing a Christmas carol and hand out sweet Christmas cards. Happy Holidays!IMG_3227

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  1. We did this with our MOM's Club for Halloween! The kids had such a wonderful time (and so did the seniors!) that we are going back for Christmas caroling in December (with cookies and hot chocolate!). Such a great thing for all involved!

    ~Amy W.


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