Friday, October 1, 2010

Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch

This has officially become a tradition in the Nicholas household! We took our first visit last year and were hooked! Cooper, at not even one year old, thoroughly enjoyed it. Here come the array of activities Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch, run by a retired teacher, has to offer:

*PIG RACES*IMG_3042 This year, the “pig races” were an educational experience in which Mother Goose reads a version of the 3 Little Pigs in which each pig prefers a different diet. The first little pig, in the straw house, prefers a diet of candy only. The second little pig, in the stick house, prefers a diet of salty chips! The third little pig, in the brick house, has a well rounded diet, including fruits and vegetables. During the reading, each pig was released into it’s appropriate “home”. Then, came the big bad wolf! Because the third little pig had a vegetable garden, the pigs escaped harm while the wolf munched on fresh veggies. =) What fun!

*PONY RIDES*IMG_3046They are not free, but Cooper’s ride was the perfect length and they even offer a digital picture against a cute backdrop with a cowboy hat on if you’d like. Fun experience.

*PLAY AREAS*IMG_3060Bishop’s offers several different play areas, including a tire area (pictured above), multiple slides (one really long slide called Coyote Mountain with “mining for marbles” at the end, I believe it costs $3. You must be 3 years old, so next year we’ll check it out), and a hay jump area (which we avoided due to my husband’s allergy). IMG_3057 *WEELAND PETTING ZOO*IMG_3096 Set up to look like it’s own little town, each animal is housed in what looks like a building you would find in a rural downtown area, such as a church, school, even “Goatel 6”! Again, you can tell it’s run by a retired teacher by all the fun little creative details. Below were the noisy geese housed in “Goosebumps Bathhouse”:IMG_3082Check out the stinky, dirty hog!  IMG_3085We also, however, got to see adorable baby piglets!IMG_3074 IMG_3075

They were less

than 1 week old.


Don’t forget, you actually get to feed the animals if you’d like too! (And kudos to the awesome retired teacher, hand sanitizer is provided!)IMG_3090 IMG_3100 *TRAIN RIDE*IMG_3072  What kid would turn down a train ride around the pumpkin patch, with flowers, cows, a pumpkin tunnel, vintage farm equipment and machines, and personalized scarecrows designed by local schools and establishments for your viewing pleasure! I should’ve taken a picture of some of the scarecrows. The themes are adorable, and different every year.

 *PUMPKIN PATCH*IMG_3105   Duh…This is the whole reason we come, right? They offer hayrides out into the main pumpkin patch area, but again, due to hubby’s allergies, we just stuck to the nearby one where the train circles. They also have multiple wagons full of pumpkins to choose from near the entrance. We got 2 gigantic pumpkins and 3 tiny ones for a measly $18. Awesome! IMG_3116*PICTURE PERFECT*

Do you enjoy a good photo op? I do, too! Bishop’s has plenty of those. Here are a few I enjoyed:IMG_3034IMG_3063Ha! Try to get a toddler to cooperate standing in front of this where you’d like.IMG_3068So, what are you waiting for? Go put it on your calendar for next year! =) They also have a corn maze for children old enough to enjoy and appreciate that. My husband and I have been tempted to do it ourselves. Someday. Happy fall ya’ll!

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