Saturday, October 16, 2010

Apple Hill

This was our second year visiting Apple Hill. I must admit, we’re still determining what we enjoy about this trip as a family. Meaning, where’s the best place to visit, and what do we enjoy doing there.

This year, we visited High Hill and Able Acres. We tried something new at High Hill, Ryan and Cooper gave fishing a go. You can rent a pole and purchase bait here, and the pond is LOADED with fish! While it was a fun, new experience, it kept Cooper’s interest all of about 4 minutes. But, it was fun to watch daddy catch something (until it broke off the line).

Here’s Cooper purchasing his bait:IMG_3167 And learning how to cast the line with Daddy:IMG_3170 IMG_3175And here he is investigating, following the short attention span acquired for actual “fishing”:IMG_3178Check out all the fish in the pond!IMG_3181   And, an attempt at a family shot:IMG_3187 He did very much enjoy his pony ride here at High Hill, I mean seriously, check out this string of smiles:IMG_3193IMG_3194 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 I also really enjoy the apple donuts here, but we waited to see what Able Acres had to offer this year.

Able Acres was also nice, the scenery was not quite as picturesque, but nice nonetheless. Both places have quaint shopping booths set up if you are into that kind of thing. Here are a few fun pictures we captured at Able Acres, we also enjoyed a delicious pulled BBQ sandwich for lunch. Yum, yum!IMG_3203 IMG_3205 Cooper enjoyed crawling all around the sea of pumpkins!IMG_3209 I know many families visit this fun area during the fall, what is your family tradition up at Apple Hill?

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