Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday–Don’t Overthink

Family Prayer Jar - cut out photos of family members, tape to popsicle sticks, put in jar and have your child choose one or two each night at prayer time! This is ADORABLE!

I saw this ADORABLE idea over at Happy Home Fairy to create a visual prayer aid for my kiddos. I’ve been meaning to create one for months!

Today during lunch, I grabbed a pad of paper and a pen and said to my kids, “God tells us in the Bible that we ought to be praying ALWAYS. And that we should pray for our friends and family. So, who do you guys think we should pray for?”

My intent was to get a list of whose pictures I needed to print out to slap on a popsicle stick. But instead, this happened…

My son said, “Oh! For that boy that cut his chin!”

Our neighbor’s nephew cut his chin earlier this week and my amazing hubby utilized his medical training to help them out (so madly in love with him – side note). And my kiddo remembered, and thought to pray for him!


Here I am trying to overthink prayer for my kids, when in reality, prayer can come very naturally.

We continued with our list, and I would still like to carry out the “family prayer jar” to help in consistency, but my son’s response today was such an amazing reminder that with a technology-filled, Pinterest loving world and about a million amazing ideas flooding our brains daily, sometimes, doing something in its most simplest of manners might be best.

I want to cut off the piece of my brain that is doing all this overthinking

So as you REALLY delve into your summers (i.e. spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no break from your kids), feel free to ignore those blog-perfect pictures and just BE with your kids. Don’t overthink the activities you do with them. They’ll love you for it!

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