Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Favorites–Polident, Wall Tracks & Toilet Wands

#1. Polident

First off, yes. You read that correctly.

It says polident, like the old fizzy tablets your grandparents used to clean their dentures at night.

It’s still me writing the blog, not an 80 something year old Grandma. Although my daughter did just recently utter the words, “Mommy, here’s your teeth!” while running up the stairs with my RETAINERS! Invisilign

Anybody else wear these every night?

That is not actually MY retainer, I just pulled a pic from the interwebs. I wouldn’t dare show you mine!! It has a gray stain where I’ve got a ghetto old filling. How EMBARRASSING!

Cue: eye roll akin to Eep from the Croods

Anyone else get sick and tired of BRUSHING them old school style? My husband mentioned trying polident, semi-jokingly and I simply refused on principle. Then, I came across this Pinterest post that said you could use polident to whiten your nails. I thought, well, why not. It’ll serve 2 purposes!

And guess what? I tried whitening my nails with them. Meh.

BUT…the ease of cleaning my retainers! It’s seriously…heavenly.

#2. hot wheels wall tracks


Santa MAY have gone overboard buying Hot Wheels wall tracks for my son’s room, but boy howdy am I glad he did! They’re so cool! I read a whole bunch of reviews and they were all pretty good, so I figured I’d give them a go. They work like a charm! And it simply uses command strips to adhere them to the wall. Pretty much everyone that comes over likes playing with them.

#3. Clorox toilet wands

Not much to be said here, other than, makes cleaning the toilet easier and much more pleasant. Who wouldn’t want that? Love these bad boys!!

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