Friday, January 28, 2011

Tricks of the Trade i What are they?

As moms, we learn little tricks that become second nature to us. I figured I’d share a few with you. Many seem like silly, common sense tricks, but are helpful nonetheless and if you haven’t heard of them, can feel priceless! Here are a few to get this topic going…I’ll try and add more entries as I think of my “Aha moments”! =) (Find Tip #1 here.)
Trick #2: Stick a straw through the tin foil lid so your kid can “drink” his/her applesauce.
One night we were eating out at BJ’s and our server brought Cooper a cup of applesauce, but no spoon. So, we just stuck a straw through the tin lid! Talk about less mess! Now, we often do it just to help stay clean, whether a spoon is brought or not! =)
Trick #3: "Beat the lights”
Kids like to lollygag…it’s in their nature. My child particularly likes to do it while getting into his car seat. So, I’ll hop in the front seat, close the door and say, “Can you beat the lights?!” He’ll sometimes promptly hop into his seat trying to “beat the lights”. Not always, but at least half the time.
Trick #4: Fade the music to the back…
Another car trick. We purchased an audio narrative of the Polar Express around Christmas time which Cooper fell in love with! Almost every time we got into the car, Cooper would ask, “Listen to the Polar Express?” Which is great! He even had parts memorized. However, while I even find Liam Neeson’s voice quite dreamy, I can only handle so much. Hence, fade the music to the back of the car. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! A teensy bit more peace and quiet for me in the front seat. *sigh of relief*
Trick #5: Yogurt in cereal
Kids are messy when they are learning how to use silverware. I will often put Cooper’s cheerios in yogurt instead of milk. He still gets to use his spoon like a big boy, but there’s slightly less mess, and he actually gets food in his mouth. Yay!
Trick #6: Bring towels to the park
Come chilly and/or foggy mornings, slides and park equipment can be coated in dew, soaking wet. A friend taught me to keep a stash of old towels in the back of the car for these occasions. No more wet tushies!


  1. Good call on the towels. I always forget, and HOPE some other more organized mom has remembered.

    Have you tried Kefir instead of yogurt? If is basically a yogurt drink. They have it at trader Joes.It is quite good and i think would work well in cereal.

  2. I haven't, but I'm always open for new Trader Joe's finds! I'll have to check it out. Thanks. =)


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