Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So long, Diaper Bag!

IMG_3633 It’s been awhile since I have used my son’s diaper bag, and while I will be needing a new one come March, I’m pretty sure this one has served is purpose and is more than ready to retire. I didn’t think terribly long and hard about the purchase of a diaper bag, just knew I needed one. Thankfully, I found a good fit for me! I like to have lots of pockets and places to tuck different items, and this particular bag came with a changing pad (which I WILL be keeping), stroller attachments (also will keep) and a pacifier pod. I ended up keeping the following in my diaper bag almost all the time:
  • Diapers/Wipes (Duh!)
  • Burp cloths (my son went through many!)
  • Change of clothes (for the occasional blow-out or really bad spit up)
  • Pacifiers (again, multiples for when they fell to the floor)
  • Scented bags (for those poopy diaps that may need to sit in the car until you find a trash can)
  • Bottles (hence the milk stains along the sides of the bags, yum!)
  • 1-2 cherished toys and/or books (see below)
  • Snacks (Gerber puffs were always a favorite)
  • Dining Mat
  • Bibs
I'm going to be starting a group of posts called "Tricks of the Trade", this will be post #1! Hey, being an organized mommy with the right items on hand is definitely a trick of the trade, am I right?

Here are some specific items that we cherished. Now, they’re tucked away awaiting the arrival of baby Allison. How bizarre to think they will come in handy again so soon!
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes:
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - Kids II  - Babies
Lamaze Freddie the Firefly:

Bright Starts Sunshine Carrier Toy Bar:

Jittery Jungle Pals:

Summer Infant Tiny Diner:

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