Saturday, November 27, 2010

La Habra Children’s Museum

We went down to LA this year for Thanksgiving and visited the La Habra Children’s Museum for the first time with Cooper. What a hit! I was kind of bummed we didn’t get a year membership even though we don’t live in the area. We would’ve made our money for sure over the course of a year. Oh well.

So…here are the highlights of the children’s museum.

Highlight #1: DinosaursIMG_3451 What toddler boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? They have fun statues outside the museum, as well as a “digging for bones” exhibit inside.IMG_3484 Highlight #2: Gas Pump & CarIMG_3454 Educational to boot…each pump explains the different methods of “fueling” a car and how effective they are.

Highlight #3: Mini CarouselIMG_3481 They run every half hour. But the kids can sit on them anytime.

Highlight #4: BusIMG_3457 IMG_3461 You know, for those of us that don’t live in a place where public transportation is used regularly.

Highlight #5: Shopping AreaIMG_3464 IMG_3468 My poor husband cringes at the thought of Cooper doing anything remotely “emasculating”, but the boy does love a good kitchen area!

Highlight #6: Trains/CabooseIMG_3472 Okay, I have to be honest about this one…while trains are some of my son’s favorites right now, the trains on display at this museum can only run for one minute every 10 minutes. Umm..yeah, not so fun for a 2 year old. And you can only enter the full size caboose outside every hour or so when they offer tours. But, still a highlight nonetheless.

Highlight #7: Exploration Encouraged!

They obviously have far more than what I have listed, but this last one lumps some of the last few pictures I have together. The first few pictures are in the “theater” room where there is a stage, a sound booth, and dress up clothes to fulfill your heart’s desires! Cooper LOVED the sound booth and couldn’t resist a *ahem* special helmet? heheIMG_3488 IMG_3490 The last pictures are just other fun areas Cooper enjoyed himself.IMG_3483 IMG_3477 Milking his first cow…I’m sorry, does it get much funnier than this? Hilarious!! Over all, I would recommend a visit. Cooper had a blast!

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