Monday, November 1, 2010


IMG_3368 We carved pumpkins for the first time this year with Cooper. He was excited about pumpkins especially after reading the adorable book Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White. It’s about a little old lady who despises pumpkins, and ends up with an entire field of them growing in her yard. She turns them into all sorts of pumpkin culinary treats, then carves the rest to attract people to her home. When everyone arrives to check out the jack-o-lanterns, she serves the treats and has so much fun she changes her mind about her dislike for pumpkins.

When we go down to it, however, he had a different tune. He was VERY interested….in watching. IMG_3352 When we asked him if he wanted to help clean out the pumpkin? This was his facial expression, gotta love it!IMG_3354 We bought a pumpkin carving kit that had templates in it this year, so I decided to give one a go (plus, Cooper LOVES owls, how could I not try it?) Here we are marking the template.IMG_3365 And here was the final outcome, not bad for my first time venturing out of the old original jack-o-lantern face.IMG_3386 Of course, we did a normal jack-o-lantern, too!IMG_3388 We met up with some friends and neighbors to go door to door. Boy..did they have a blast!! IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3372 And…the loot!IMG_3378Double fisting…=)IMG_3381  Happy Halloween! =P

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