Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garage Organization

IMG_4075 My husband is being very patient as my nesting instincts kick in with the upcoming arrival of baby #2. I already posted pictures of the nursery…what I hadn’t taken care of yet was organizing all the stuff that had previously been occupying Allie’s closet. My dad assembled a shelving unit I purchased from Home Depot in the garage, and even bolted it to the wall (so it doesn’t fall over once it’s FULL of all my stuff). I finally organized all the tubs and even still have some empty tubs!! How exciting!

Trick of the Trade #8: When organizing, group like things.
This is half my battle of organizing, figuring out “like” things. It seems like it should be obvious, right? Not always. So, I figured I’d share with you the labels I made to get your organization ideas going. My husband gave me quite the eye roll as he watched me “design” the labels for my tubs. I know, it’s silly, but it makes me smile. The small, silly things that make us women happy!
  • Gift Bags: Baby, B-day & Tissue Paper
  • Gift Bags: Neutral, Holiday & Basket Filler
  • Ribbon
  • Random – (Let’s admit it, there’s got to be a place for some “mis-organization”)
  • Grab-and-Go Gifts: Adult - (This tub is for random gifts I pick up or…*gasp* plan to re-gift! Eek! Gifts geared for my friends)
  • Grab-and-Go Gifts: Children - (Same as adult, but for kids this time)
  • Paint Supplies
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Decorations - (Notice, it’s currently empty! Gotta get ‘em out before baby comes and I have no time.)
  • Easter – Decorations - (I actually have 2 tubs for this)
  • Silk Flowers
  • Guest Room Decor - (The leftover chotchkes from what used to be the guest room and is now Allie’s nursery)
  • CARS – Extra Supplies - (This tub holds leftover birthday supplies from my son’s birthday bash)
  • Extra Decorations - (Random holiday supplies that don’t fit in the appropriate tubs)
  • Summer - (Pictured in first picture - This tub holds chalk, sand pails, sunscreen, etc.)
  • MOPS - (Pictured in first picture - Random holiday supplies that don’t fit in the appropriate tubs)
IMG_4078 You may be thinking of many other tubs that should be pictured. Allow me to explain some other “hidden” organization. I have two 4th of July/Patriotic tubs (one in the garage, one under my bed), I have a Valentine’s decorations tub (under my bed), and I also 3 LARGE Christmas tubs in the garage as well as one small one under my bed. Now that I’ve been working on my sewing skills, that will probably soon take over one of the empty tubs shown above.
There you have it ladies…my weak attempt at keeping things properly housed so that I can maintain some form of organization when baby #2 arrives. =)


  1. Where did you purchase your bins (or tubs)?

    1. Home Depot of all places! And they still have them, because we moved recently, and I had a bit more storage so I went back for some more. They've held up fairly well.

  2. I feel garage shelves are the most iconic storage system . Mine was installed by Rack Your Garage. If you are living in Utah Area, call them and remember to check the budget first.

  3. Good work, Ive been working at the same project off and on as I am motivated and the temperature allows. Today it was 101°at my house in the shade and my garage faces to the south with little insulation.


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