Monday, March 31, 2014

An Easter Tradition…You’ve Been Egged!

While I’m very hit or miss when it comes to my blog, I enjoy seeing some of the traditions that we’ve been consistent with. This is one we’ve done the last 2 years now, and this year will be our third! In our new house! We hit our first house today (scroll down for pics), and will do two more tomorrow (weather permitting).

Anywho, here are the FREE printables we use for our secret endeavors…and scroll down to see the excitement we had the previous two years. =)



Here’s what the print out says (it’s a bit tricky to read it as is):

Look at that, you’ve just been EGGed!

But do not be alarmed!

We came, we dropped, we ran away!

Your house, it was not harmed.


“Why the egg?” you ask right now.

Why this Easter surprise?

To spread the news that Christ is risen,

Some eggs lay in disguise.


Some secret friends have dropped them by

To share some Easter cheer.

So now you’re it! It’s now your turn!

To “EGG” a house that’s near.


Christ has risen from the dead!

Jump, dance, shout and sing!

Celebrate along with us,

Let His praises ring!

Have fun finding the ____ eggs hidden in your yard!


Here’s your challenge:

1. Keep your sign on your door so those around know you’ve

been “egged”!

2. Then, fill some plastic eggs with candy, toys, or small notes

of encouragement.

3. Pick a friend or neighbor and scatter the eggs in their

yard when they are not at home, or under the safety of

darkness (If they don’t have a yard fill a basket and put

it on their doorstep.)

4. Tape an “You’ve Been Egged” sign to their front door, and

leave this note on their doorstep.

5. Enjoy the joy that comes with the spirit of Easter!

To print online go to:

And look how fun…my kiddos from the past two years, then this year!










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