Monday, July 1, 2013

Bloglovin’….a simple way for you to follow my blog!

Starbucks for following on bloglovin

If you just want a shot at the above, click the button to the right that says “Follow this blog with bloglovin’”, then click follow on the page it takes you to. If you want to know about bloglovin’, read on (and click the button!)

I’m alright with change, I don’t mind it. It’s just that, it takes time. Right? Most changes take time to adapt to. So, it’ll take some time for me to adjust to Bloglovin’ (instead of Google Reader). But really, it’s essentially the same thing, it just looks different.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bloglovin’, let me explain briefly how it’ll help you follow my blog (and many others you enjoy).

Bloglovin’ basically sets you up with a homepage of sorts, that lists any blogs you wish to follow (that are obviously connected through Bloglovin’) and a snapshot of their posts. Here’s a screen shot from my homepage today:


AND…if you have Google Chrome, you can add a button on your toolbar that shows updates you have. Below is a screen shot of mine (don’t judge the following: how many tabs I have open, and how many unread bloglovin’ pages I have, seriously? I’d NEVER in my right mind have time to read all those!!):


See the little blue button on the FAR right? With the white plus in the middle and the +99 (unread blog posts) it’s notifying me of?!

If you’d like to follow my blog, you can have that nifty little toolbar updater, too, that will notify you of my blog post updates. So, even if it’s only my measly little blog you wanna follow, follow me on bloglovin’! Click here, and click follow, it’s THAT simple!

And, to help encourage my teeny tiny little blog and the effort I put into it, let’s see if I can get 50 followers by the end of July. A very reachable goal (especially since that’s how many I had on Google Reader Winking smile). If I do, I’ll send a $5 Starbuck’s card to a random follower! Share the word friends!

And thank you to those of you that read my blog. It really, truly is, those of you that mention something you read that keep me coming back to write more posts. So thanks!

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