Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day…and learning to relax.

We weren’t extravagant on Labor Day this year…and I was horrible with taking pictures. We had some friends over from college that we hadn’t seen in quite awhile. We met at a park beforehand. Here’s a picture of Cooper swinging in the “big boy” swings with daddy.IMG_2821 The life lesson here as I learn to become a “Rock Star” at parenting? Letting your kids try new things. I was admittedly nervous about Cooper swinging in the big boy swings. But, dad let him do it and he did great! How blessed I am to have a husband that encourages my son to try things, without fear. I’ve noticed that a parent’s attitude toward different experiences can dramatically impact the child’s view. So, the more relaxed and confident I can be, the more relaxed and confident my child will be as well. So, when I now let him swing on the big boy swings, I try my very hardest to not come across anxious, even though deep down inside I am. Hopefully you, too, can relay confidence in situations you may otherwise not feel it, for your children’s sake. =)

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