Friday, May 28, 2010

Testing the Waters

My first official mark in the blogging world...yes, my husband is mocking me to no end. Here's to sticking with it! May I inspire your world with creativity, energy, love, and of course...laughter. Where would the Nicholas household be without laughter? In the gutter I guarantee! So, my first attempt at laughter? Well, what a difficult day for that, or perhaps not.

Last night I had the worst neck pain I have EVER experienced in my entire life. Proof that I will go to great lengths to bring laughter into your life? Take note of the neck brace picture. I'm not sure whether the look of pain is from my actual neck pain, or that my husband insisted on snapping a pic of me in the neck brace.

Anyhow, then today, my poor son took a header into an old tree stump in the backyard only to completely knock out his front tooth. Jamba Juice helped with post traumatic nutrients while the final days' picture following bath time provides proof he can still take a cute picture...with a missing front tooth! A sigh of relief! Cheers to you...and to the start of a new relationship between me and this intro to a blogging world.


  1. Did you try to get it back into the hole? Teeth sometimes reattach if you get them back in place by a dentist. Transport the tooth in milk to the nearest dentist and he can put it back in, and then you have to hope for the best. Next time :)

    Stopping by from the UBP!


    1. Yes, we did bring the tooth in milk. The dentist said the risk of infecting the adult tooth was not worth trying to reinsert the tooth. So, he's sporting the one front tooth look for awhile. We've very much gotten used to it and don't even notice now.


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