Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I’ve been posting my pictures in order of how I wear them…but I’m wondering, should I put them in order of how I liked them? Thoughts? Anyone?


Sweater, ring & earrings – Old Navy, Undershirt – Kohl’s – Lauren Conrad, Jeans – Kohl’s – Jennifer Lopez, Shoes – too old to know!


I wanted a change in pose…=)

Sweater, shirt, and necklace – Old Navy, Pants – Marshall’s – Paige, Boots – DSW, Boot cuffs – Etsy, Earrngs – Premiere Jewelry


I wore this same outfit here, minus the boot cuffs and smug grin.


That’s right ladies and gents…that picture just showed up on the world wide web. That just happened! My husband told me, “You know there are some things that are just too real for your blog.” I explained that other moms need to see the ugly side sometimes. FAR from my “cutest” workout outfit. And here’s the reason…

I’ve had mono (yes the kissing disease, and no…I didn’t get it from kissing, well…maybe my kids, who knows?) from EARLY August of 2012 until JUST RECENTLY!! You know how a mom of 2 young kids gets over mono? Umm…they don’t. It basically has to play out its role in your body, which for me meant…7 months (at least that’s what I’m hoping now that I’m starting to get my energy back!). I haven’t worked out since early October, until NOW! So, for that reason, I’m totally stoked about this outfit. I wouldn’t dare post a pic in my teeny tiny, CUTE workout clothes, not just yet, but I’m so excited that I can actually workout again without becoming narcoleptic throughout the day that I’m willing to post this hideous picture of me post-workout. Yay! I won’t bore you with the details of my hideous clothing on this particular day.


This shirt is new! No huge purchase, $12 at Ross. But I liked it, it’s ridiculously comfy, and I love that it’s not clingy tight (since I haven’t worked out for like 4 months!).

Pants – Jennifer Lopez, Shoes – Rocket Dog, Necklace – Loft


I love that I look all shy in this picture, ‘cuz I’m totally not! Anywho, the shirts and shoes in this pic are also new…

Heart sweater – Ross for $16!, Plaid shirt (which I’ve been searching for FOREVER! I’ve been wanting a blue and white plaid shirt for awhile) – Marshall’s for $14!, Pants – Macy’s – Michael Kohrs, And the shoes – Marshall’s for $7! Woot!


And look how quickly this look changed. Within a few minutes…

I’ll be posting a tutorial for that adorable gumball necklace tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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  1. oh my gosh I want that heart sweater like woah! :) awesome styles. love the "after workout" pic, lol!

    1. Glad to hear my temporary embarrassment was appreciated. ;) Have a great weekend coming up here!

  2. Love the fox sweater! I actually own it! ;) And the heart one is presh too! Glad you are finally getting over mono. No fun, especially being a mom! I can def relate!

    1. You have NO idea how excited I am to be getting over mono. My husband's re-adjusting to the energetic me! =)

  3. Cute outfits!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

  4. Love the polka dot tops and heart sweater!

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    1. Thank you SO much! Just took care of it. I didn't even know!


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