Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday



So yeah, I kinda wish I could steal my daughter’s outfit here. But…

my outfit: Scarf – Kohl’s, Shirt – H&M, Jacket – Sam’s Club, Pants – Kohl’s (Jennifer Lopez), Shoes – ???

Seriously, how cute is my daughter?!IMG_6466 - autocorrect

Okay, Okay…moving along…


You know those shopping trips when you head out with the intent of spending money, and you inevitably can’t find anything? That’s where this sweater came from. Not my fave, but…

Sweater: Anthropologie (my only EVER purchase from here that I felt “meh” about), Pants – Macy’s – I.N.C., Boot cuffs – Etsy, Boots – DSW, Earrings – Premiere JewelryIMG_6533

Okay – no judgments here today! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had stupid mono since August and haven’t been able to work out since like October (it’s KILLING me!!). So, I’ve gained some weight, boo!! And while everyone is being super polite and saying, “You look great!”…what they don’t know is that I’m having a hard time picking stuff out to wear. Because I normally workout, I don’t want to go buy new clothes for my temporary illness. So…this cute sweater may or may not have come out of my maternity bin. Shh! Don’t tell!

Sweater – Motherhood Maternity (NO I’M NOT PREGGERS!!), Leggings – Kohl’s – Lauren Conrad, Boots – DSWIMG_6556

Shirt – Old Navy, Jeans – Costco – Calvin Klein, Shoes – Rocket DogIMG_6569

Shirt – Kohl’s – Lauren Conrad, Pants – Marshall’s – Paige, Boots – DSW, Purse – Marshall’s – Cynthia Rowley

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