Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday–AND chocolate persimmon bread–yum!

Here’s a few from my week…

Thursday – our Polar Express night!



Bragging time! Sweater was on clearance at Target for $7, the tank underneath was $2. =)

Sunday – Don’t judge too much. I look DANG good for my “condition”. Remember I have mono? So, I’ve been sleeping at least 10 hours/night. I got an eye infection so I couldn’t wear contacts and NO EYE MAKE-UP!! Eek! And wouldn’t you know I had to teach Sunday school? So, here I am all dolled up for church!



My son took these pictures and he was so cute, he was saying, “That’s it! Niiice!” like he’s a professional photographer or something. So cute!

Tuesday – You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but this is one of my favorite outfits right now. Also, these pictures REALLY don’t show it, but it’s flattering, forgiving and COMFORTABLE! I got the cute sweater at Macy’s, check out the back below.



And today…IMG_5705

Another steal – shirt was $6 at Old Navy! It’s nice to have some bum around clothing like that on the cheaps!

pleated poppy

And, that scrumptious looking piece of bread I’m holding? Click here to take you to the recipe, inspired by my Farm Fresh to You inclusion of persimmons! Not sure what to do with them? I wasn’t either (although I discovered during my recipe that they are delicious raw), try out this yummy chocolate bread, gluten free for anyone that is interested!


  1. Thanks for the comment! Love these outfits. Can't go wrong with sequins and boots!

    1. Thanks! Love the inspiration you post with outfits. I'm eyeing a Michael Kors watch. ;)


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